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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
9:59 am - please note that this is public.
I have become so critical of everyone around me, from the cretans who walk into this suite to the person I have become. From this vantage point, that person has split from me. We walk in parellels, but our only contact is a chastizing slap, usually me abusing her. How can I possibly allow this other thing to take over when I feel so much inside?

Danger: Meteorologists suggests that supernova's create black-holes. I don't want to replace a beating functional heart with absolute vacancy.

If I am going over a bridge, it's a ricketty one with rusty suspendors and corroding beams. My integrity is in a cupboard right now. I'm back to primitive thinking by concentrating on every step I take. It's nobody's fault, not even my own. I blame this on undeveloped characteristics and premature sage.

My front is breaking down and I know that people are beginning to peer through the cracks, but all they'll see is me standing there naked trying to cover myself with my tiny arms. I need to be able to say I'm naked without immediately thinking of the word 'vulnerable'. I need to get comfortable with the idea of all eyes on all parts and let the light bend to the contours of my body freely.

In the parking lot yesterday, I actually had to hold myself back from screaming "Where is my inspiration?!" There was real heat inside of me, bringing my blood to boil and I think I have an answer now.

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Tuesday, November 5th, 2002
11:06 pm
You can't read anything beyond this.

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